Steam powered attack armor "Karl-Heinrich" Pattern


"Named after the first great emporer of Zerpen, this newly invented steam powered armor is the edge in Zerpens war tech...and a nearly unstoppable opponent on the battlefield...recent testing runs proved that as a fact...

Over the period of three years, a team of 68 Gnome scientists and construction specialists, were able to build this fear inducing battle contraption.

The process to augment the human strenght with the help of steam and some magical tech items is still a well kept secret...

The prototype is soon to be dispatched to the frontlines, it is intended to operate in a small squad of 3 men...the armor and its user, a commanding officer and a technician..."

Project Facts

Used materials:

- every bit of free foam i can get

- 12 cans Pattex Powerglue (each 600g)

- around 8 litres of liquid latex

- 6 tubes of silicone sealing compound

- two square metres of heatforming plastic sheets

- metallic pigments and a bunch of acrylic color

- some screws, plastic tubing, sheets of fabric, a wooden stick...

Project Status

- finished -


The very first concept sketch:

I´ve dropped the rather complex arm design and changed it, to a more "stable" version...

From "foam" stages to "color concept" to "color and latex" stage:

First Ingame pictures:

Color concept, full view ->

Teaser Vid ->