Annual October Update

on Monday 06 October 2014 - 21:18:39 | by Florian Mellies

I'm back with a little update...

Finally I've found time to fill my Etsy shop with some stuff, 
check it out ->…

Besides some old classics I added a DIY section, 
where you can find some unpainted or slightly flawed items... 

Keep in mind, Halloween is around the corner ;)

At the moment there is not much room for fanart in my schedule, 
I try to get something done soon, let's see how it goes...

Upcoming Projects
Again I'm attached to a promising board-game project, 
which hopefully gets to a final state this time, my last "big thing" 
from early 2012 went straight to development hell...

The designer/publisher is way more experienced and it goes 
very well so will be funded through Kickstarter, 
as soon as it goes online I'll let you know...

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Dataskull is up on Etsy now!

on Tuesday 10 December 2013 - 03:12:07 | by Florian Mellies
Feel free to bookmark my Etsy shop, I'll add the Cthulhu seal special edition soon!
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Cthulhu disk...

on Wednesday 27 November 2013 - 02:59:39 | by Florian Mellies

A brand new master sculpt is finished!
Before I go on to other concepts, I felt the need to attempt a 
another take on the good old, disk shaped, cthulhu relief :)
I'm preparing a tableau shooting at the moment, so expect
a nice wallpaper (maybe with print option via deviantArt) in the next weeks...
Early 2014 I'll make some copies available!
(click image for full res)
- 10cm diameter 
- sculpted with epoxy clay on a polymer clay disk 
- painted with acrylic paint  
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Spooktacular Update!

on Thursday 31 October 2013 - 04:38:09 | by Florian Mellies

Happy Halloween!

Time is running fast, this is the first update since April...
I had (and still have) some complications job-wise, 
I'm still not really on the money making side...
Besides struggling, I was crazy productive doing all the 
MWO (Mechwarrior Online)/Battletech fanart...
a fun ride so far, brought lots of attention to my work, 
thx to a great and very supportive community! 
Check out the pics over at my deviantArt gallery:
I'll definitely keep the fanart coming, maybe not as 
frequent as usual, depending on my schedule, 
but there will be more!
If things go well you'll even see some really 
quality stuff come to life from that direction...
On to the next...
I was finally able to finish some "new" mythos 
themed items...
There are three cthulhu seals ready to go, 
slightly different from the old version, a bit darker, 
less bloody and with a glossier finish, 
three more are still in the painting process
sporting a third variant of the "classic" painting scheme...:
Based on the big seal I sculpted a much smaller version,
at first I handled it as a prototype, but after test painting
I decided to get out at least one set of four copys, they
could be used as game aid, costume dressing, 
pen&paper/larp prop etc. ...:
The cthulhu seal special edition...
For this I doubled the painting time, and choosed a very unique         
painting scheme...packaged in a weathered archival box. 
This is intentionally kept minimalistic without any backstory clues
I would like to encourage the buyer to enrich the piece with a
"soul", use it as a prop or just incorporate it in a larger, themed collection...:  

And now to the main presentation...unfortunately it is just a work in 
progress preview, it was planned to be ready for sale 
by Halloween but it needs two to three additional painting/finishing
hours, nevertheless it is finished enough for a preview!
The Cyberpunk Dataskull!
"A techno-arcane device to securely storage data inside a 
virtual consciousness"
This is not only a nice piece for your shelf, but a functional device!
It will be equipped with an internal hard drive (SSD most likely) which
can be accessed via a USB port on the back of the skull...furthermore
it features subtle blue light effects, the HDD status LED is wired to the 
skulls eye, which is automatically active when connected to a device, 
independently from that you can activate battery powered lighting by
flipping the switch on the right side of the skull...:
I'll add the stuff to the shop section with pricing and 
detailed descriptions in the next few days!
Get your Paypal accounts ready! :)
The skull will be available either at Etsy or eBay... 
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Shop Update!

on Friday 12 April 2013 - 22:45:05 | by Florian Mellies

Yet again...a long overdue update!

During the last days I received a lot of orders for
the Cthulhu Seal, which is awesome! :)

Unfortunately my initial stock of seals is now sold out.

I'll go back to production as soon as possible!

The Cthulhu Idol will be removed from the shop for a while,
I had some problems with the mold and decided to made a new one in the future. 


You can expect some coverage of my recent Battletech/Mechwarrior Online
fanart releases and more interesting news in the next days, check back soon...
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LARP Project "wind pistol"

on Tuesday 04 September 2012 - 05:09:14 | by Florian Mellies

My LARP group is in need of some serious firepower so it's time to
build a small line of functional and safe to use projectile weapons.

We like to use historical technology and military advancements as
an inspiration for our LARP efforts, so I digged deep into the history
of firearms and found some interesting facts about "airguns":

In 1607 a german gunsmith developed an airgun for military
purpose, the so called "Windbüchse" ("wind rifle"), which had some
revolutionary features, it was as powerful as a traditional firearm,
was not as loud and there is no muzzleflash or production of smoke.

That's a concept ideal for LARP, there's no need for pyro or sound
effects and it fits perfectly in our fictional world
(a blend of steampunk/medieval/16th-17th cent.).     

So I visualized a quick 3d prototype...:

I decided to go classic and picked the smallest Nerf pistol available
(N-Strike Jolt EX-1) as the base system, the rest of the
pistol is built around it.

I ordered a pack of 2 Jolt's and bought some tubing, fake rivets,
plastic sheets etc.

After test firing the Jolt I noticed (despite being quite powerful for
its size) a neat "safety" feature...if you cock the pistol and press
the trigger, without a dart loaded, the compressed air is released
through a valve, accompanied with a low "zthhhudd" sound,
which has a cool "failing mechanism" quality to it...

Combined with the fact that the long outer barrel (nearly tripled
the orig. barrel length) has to be loaded with a loading rod
(you have to push the dart down a bit to disengange the safety
mentioned above) you have to get trough a quite realistic loading
procedure (inserting the dart, pushing it down with the loading rod,
cocking the system) in order to fire.

Here is the first finished proof of concept prototype:

(click for larger image)

More coming soon...

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Follow-Op "SALE-a-thulhu" now online...

on Tuesday 14 August 2012 - 02:49:32 | by Florian Mellies

No more play on words, I promise! :P

Here we go, the 7S shop section is up and running...

You can find the ordering details right under the products in the shop section.

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Operation CASTthulhu...

on Sunday 22 July 2012 - 03:16:13 | by Florian Mellies officially started!

Status Update:

The first two castings of the seal are done and came out quite nice.
I made a second silicone mold of the seal today to speed up the casting process.

On top of that I prepared a mold of my second idol ( click )...

So far, everything is running smoothly! :)

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The seal...

on Wednesday 18 July 2012 - 23:50:57 | by Florian Mellies

...of insanity!

Based upon the last idol, i sculpted this seal, it's around 7cm in diameter.

full view @ DeviantArt ->

This is going into reproduction soon...!
I aim at 10 castings for now, so this will be a very limited piece :)

I'll post more info on pricing, ordering etc. as soon as the castings are done...


And here is my finished Servo-skull build:

full view @ DeviantArt ->

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Cthulhu rises...

on Friday 06 July 2012 - 01:44:42 | by Florian Mellies


As promised...I present my third Cthulhu idol...

This time it's even more "alien", or "realistic" as the last approach,
I sculpted this from a standpoint that the standard Cthulhu
(octopus/dragon/human caricature) is a mere misinterpretation
or an exaggerated attempt to depict something thats too shocking
and alien to understand.

I tinkered around with the idea that Cthulhu's "wings" are
non-substantial effects, deriving from an organ on his back and
I added something like "main tentacles" resembling
human shoulders and arms.

As usual I sculpted from polymer clay and painted with acrylic colors,
the dimensions are ~ 10cm³...

This is possibly a candidate for reproduction and sale...
I'm working hard to make this possible, more info coming soon...

(click for larger image)

...or visit Deviant Art:

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